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General Education Courses

The General Education Program helps students build a strong foundation in English, academic and professional skills they need in order to complete their major courses successfully. The program promotes students’ personal and intellectual development through classes with a broad range of topics and focus such as communication skills, creative problem-solving, foreign languages, and social intelligence. Freshman classes are designed to develop students’ English communication and writing competence as well as their creative and critical thinking skills. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes build on these skills while also introducing science and Humanities courses.

2020 General English Curriculum

Semester Course Code Course Name Credits/Hours Remarks
Spring GENR 1111 Basic Academic Writing 3/4 Gen. Required
GENR 1121 Applied Conversation Skills 3/4 Gen. Required
GENR 1001 SOL-SUP 2/2 Gen. Required
GENR1101 Basic Korean 1 (Intl only) 2/4 Gen. Required
Summer GENR1122 GE - Gen Intensive English 3/4 Gen. Required
Fall GENR1143 Integrated Reading 2/4 Gen. Required
GENR1113 Basic Korean 2 (Intl) 1/2 Gen. Required
Choose 1 GENE1153 Freshman Writing 3/3 Gen. Elective
GENE1133 English for Global Citizenship 1
Semester Course Code Course Name Credits/Hours Remarks
Spring Choice of
Foreign Lan. 1
(Choose 1)
GENE2131 English for Global Citizenship 2 2/4 Gen. Elective
GENE2111 Chinese 1
GENE2121 Spanish 1
GENE2151 French 1
GENE2141 Japanese 1
GENE2101 Korean 1 (Intl only)
Fall Choice of
Foreign Lan. 2
(Choose 1)
GENE2133 English for Global Citizenship 3 2/4 Gen. Elective
GENE2113 Chinese 2
GENE2123 Spanish 2
GENE2153 French 2
GENE2143 Japanese 2
GENE2103 Korean 2 (Intl only)
Semester Course Code Course Name Credits/Hours Remarks
Spring GENE3171 Professional Development 1 3/3 Gen. Elective
Choice of
Foreign Lan. 3
(Choose 1)
GENE3151 English for Global Citizenship 4 2/4 Gen. Elective
GENE3111 Chinese 3
GENE3121 Spanish 3
GENE3151 French 3
GENE3141 Japanese 3
GENE3101 Korean 3 (Intl only)
Fall Choice of
Foreign Lan. 4
(Choose 1)
GENE3173 Professional Development 2 2/4 Gen. Elective
GENE3163 Current Events
GENE3153 French 4
GENE3123 Spanish 4
GENE3113 Chinese 4
GENE3143 Japanese 4
GENE3103 Korean 4 (Intl only)
Semester Course Code Course Name Credits/Hours Remarks
Spring Choose 1 GENE4151 Understanding the Mind 3/3 Gen. Elective
GENE4161 Global Religions
Choose 1 GENE411 Disney Literature 2/4 Gen. Elective
GENE410 Korean 5
Fall Choose 1 GENE4143 English in Entertainment 3/3 Gen. Elective
GENE4163 Global Cultures
Choose 1 GENE4143 Music Appreciation 2/4 Gen. Elective
GENE410 Korean 6 (Intl only)