Living in Daejeon

Here are the list of resources for a better life in Daejeon:

■ Guidebook for Living in Korea for Foreigners
■ Living in Daejeon
■ Daejeon Arts Center
■ Korean Transportation Card - T-money (Bus and Subway)
■ Daejeon Sports Teams
■ Cherry Blossoms in Daejeon
■ Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Korea
■ Bowling in Daejeon
■ Naver Translator app "papago"
■ Will my phone work in Korea?
■ 15 Korean Phrases You Should Learn First
■ 10 Of The Best Free Korean Learning Apps
■ How to Set Up a Naver Account
■ How to Set Up KakaoTalk
■ How to Order Home Delivery in Korea
■ How to Ride a Bus in Korea
■ How to Purchase Movie Tickets in Korea
■ How to Order Food in A Korean Restaurant