Clubs & Activities


Global Management

- Jarvis

a club that aims to earn certificates and language test scores, such as TOEIC, in order to get ready to start working before graduation. Club members also have regular meetings to have mock-job interview sessions and job search time.

Technology Studies

- Motherboard

a research club about Programming. It researches on Programming’s basic theory and does team projects, and its goals are to learn how to use Jupiter Laptop, using Python program for various purposes, participating in SW contests on and off campus.

Sol International Global Hospitality Management (SIHOM)

- SOL Gastronomy

an academic club which represents the finest characteristics of the Global Hotel Management Department. The focus of this club will be to learn more about gastronomy, from the methods of service to the preparation and presentation of both historic and modern day cuisines.


an academic club that does ‘Event-Planning’ and participate in events on campus and regional events in order to increase club members’ practical abilities and build experience.


shortened for Pacific Asia Travel Association, PATA is a job-searching club that is interested in volunteering activities, community based projects, internship opportunities, and training students with public speaking skills, creating CVs, and workshops, in order to maximize the possibility of getting a job.

Sol International Media & Communication Arts Department (SIMA)

- Young Studio

a club that studies ‘creating contents’ and ‘podcast’ by running their own YouTube channel.

- We’Clips

a club that creates short films. It aims to create a short film every quarter of the year, and apply to film festivals.

Sol International Culinary Arts Department (SICA)

- Levain

a Baking & Pastry club to learn theoretical and practical parts in order to increase baking and pastry skills.

- Sol Cuisinier

a club that participates in cooking contests. It’s activities are participating in cooking contests, running pop-up restaurant, participating in bazaar, and practices in cooking creatively.

- Atelier

a club focuses on baking & pastry, especially desserts.

- Inter-Paul

an IPB club to research and share internship information.

- Sol Vine

a club that focuses on beverage. To train competent F&B people, it runs theoretical lectures like learning history of wine and basic techniques of mixology, and practical training such as brewing beer and wine and pairing wine and cocktail to food.

- Da-Bab

a start-up club that shares ideas and opinions and do activities regarding entrepreneurship.