Faculty profiles

At Endicott College of International Studies, we focus on learning, connecting, problem-solving, and working together. Our professors have traveled the world and done unique research. But what drives them is working with students.

Our professors are experts in their fields and bring years of practical experience to the classroom. They take the time to learn about each student. . Many of our faculty have longstanding and deep relationships to industry that they share with students through mentoring and professional development. They place an extremely high value on networking, and developing those connections from inside the classroom.

Endicott faculty also strive to make significant contributions in their chosen research fields. The integration of academic disciplines in both research and teaching, including work with colleagues at other world-class schools creates a unique knowledge-based environment and offers new opportunities for expanding knowledge through a unique ecosystem of cross-campus collaboration.

The school’s faculty operates as a small, closely-knit unit and as an integral part of the greater Woosong community of students and alumni. Their global experience, along with ongoing research, all translate into an unparalleled experience for students.