Vice President, Dong-Hyun Son, Ph.D.

There seems to be no disagreement among learned people that ‘globalization’ and ‘informatization’ are two megatrends of the contemporary civilization in the 21st century. These trends have caused a revolutionary change in almost all the fields of human activities.

As the process of globalization continues, the world becomes smaller and smaller and tasks continue to become more automated thanks to the ICT which brings about the information society. These phenomena result in the dramatic change in the structure of the industrial world and the array of vocations, while 'digital technologies' are supporting and enhancing them.

In this totally new cultural paradigm, new graduates will need to adapt to the changing environment. This 4th industrial revolution will require an entirely different set of skills, knowledge, experience, and perspectives.

Endicott College of International Studies looks to prepare students for all of the challenges and opportunities that the 4th industrial revolution will provide. Endicott focuses on a multicultural environment and innovation in order to give our graduates a more competitive edge when moving into the workforce. Students look at artificial intelligence, advanced programming, and developing technologies to see how they are augmenting our daily lives, changing the workforce, and affecting diplomacy on a global scale.

Endicott College provides students with opportunities to explore their passions and get hands on education, so they can use creative thinking skills to create solutions for the next generation's technological, managerial, and international issues.

We hope to have all interested students come and join us as we strive to create a future for our students and the world.

Vice President ECIS/SIS
Prof. Son, Dong-Hyun Ph.D.