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Hotel Management Academic Seminar - Fall 2022

Writer : 학과관리자 | Date : 2022.11.18 | Hit : 2,406

Congratulations to the winners of the Hotel Management academic seminar; Sollee, who placed first, Minjeong and Gyujin, who each received second place, and Yeonju and Jeongwoo, who both received third place. 

At this academic seminar, students chose a tourist location and designed a marketing campaign that they believed would attract guests to their location. This is a great way for students to evaluate a brand's current image, but also look for ways to expand on brands or find new ways to target new audiences. Everyone utilized topics that they learn throughout their lectures to create effective calls to action to increase purchasing behaviors. 

The Hotel Management academic seminars are held twice a year and allow students to utilize what they learn in the classroom in a practical way while also helping them improve their communication skills to present ideas professionally.