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We congratulate Dr. Kevin Kester for his latest publications

Writer : Dr. Hasan TINMAZ | Date : 2017.04.05 | Hit : 7,645
Here is the list of Prof. Kester's latest publications:

Professor Kevin Kester has a new paper out in the journal of Globalisation, Societies and Education (March 2017). The paper uses empirical data to investigate peace practices inside the United Nations. It can be found here: 

Endicott Professors Loughlin Sweeney and Kevin Kester have co-authored a chapter, titled "Critical Human Rights Education and Technologies of Peace: A Teleology Too Far?", in the new book 'Human Rights and Technology: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development' (March 2017). The chapter can be found here: 

Professor Kevin Kester has published a working paper with the Centre of Governance and Human Rights at the University of Cambridge (March 2017). Here is the Link: 

Another Endicott article by Professor Kevin Kester has been published in the Journal of Transformative Education (January 2017). The article reviews and critiques United Nations educational peacebuilding. It can be found here: