2017 Endicott Tuition and Scholarships

These Undergraduate Program are designed around the completion of 7 assessment periods to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. In the table below, a typical full year of cost is presented. Students will follow the 7 assessment period and will be scheduled to graduate in 3.5 years.

Proof of Finances – A bank letter or bank statement indicating availability of 18,000 USD, or the equivalent in local currency. If the account is not the name of the Applicant, a notarized letter from the account holder indicating acceptance of financial responsibility for the educational expenses of the Applicant is required.

(1 Academic Year)
15 Weeks
5 Weeks
15 Weeks
5 Weeks
Enrollment Fees USD 650 Onetime fee
Tuition USD 3198.6 USD 491.4 USD 3198.6 USD 491.4
Residence USD 683 USD 273 USD 683 USD 273
Breakfast USD 252 USD 100.8 USD 252 USD 100.8
Activity Fees USD 28 USD 28
Remittance Fees USD 20 Onetime fee
Health Insurance USD 110 USD 110
TOTAL USD 4941.6 USD 865.2 USD 4271.6 USD 865.2 USD 10943.6

  1. We have a 4 semester year. WINTER and SUMMER semesters are mandatory.
  2. Mandatory to stay at the School provided residence for the FALL & WINTER semester.
  3. Breakfast comes with the accommodation (mandatory fee).
  4. The cost in the above schedule does not include books, personal expenses, other meals (except mandatory breakfast fee). Meals typically cost around $4 at the school cafeteria. Personal expenses depend upon the lifestyle of the student.
  5. Expenses for the initial week in South Korea are estimated to be around $300 - $350. (Bus from Airport, Medical check-up, Personal care products, Residence security card, Local ID card registration, etc.)
  6. - Our website is easy to navigate and you will find details on resources, facilities, current events and many more.