International Studies

▣ You Learn

The International Studies program prepares students for an increasingly complex world by developing practical knowledge and theory-enhanced skills to solve pressing social, economic, political and environmental challenges. The program cuts across disciplines, geographies, world regions, ethnic, and national boundaries to propose novel ways of interpreting the world today. Competencies such as intercultural understanding, historical analysis, conflict resolution, political and economic theories, and linguistic proficiencies, are studied in local and global contexts.

▣ You Earn

Graduates earn a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the Endicott College of International Studies at Woosong University. Students receive topical, regional and linguistic expertise, and practical job placements during their studies. The department especially specializes in peacekeeping, peacemaking, peacebuilding, and diplomacy training.

▣ You Prepare

Students prepare for careers in a variety of fields, including: civil service, international work, journalism, law, politics, humanitarian work, diplomacy, United Nations, international business, non-profit and non-governmental leadership, teaching, and advanced research. Faculty work closely with students to develop their career-oriented skill sets.

▣ You Give

International Studies students will focus on preparing for jobs that improve their own condition and more broadly make the world a better place. During their studies they will participate in community, national and international service toward this objective. The International Studies program works with students committed to social betterment.

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