General Education Courses

All Endicott students take part in our general education curriculum, which gives them a broad foundation for success. Students gain academic communication skills, a grounding in liberal arts, and develop seven core competencies: Ethics, Social Intelligence, Creative Thinking, Analytic Skill, Problem Solving, Communication, and Globalism

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Woosong University offers a Residential Intensive English Program (RIEP) for those students who arrive with less than expected English proficiency achievement. The mission of the Residential Intensive English Program (RIEP) is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their English language proficiency and study skills to ensure academic success in their global major studies. This program is committed to providing innovative and dynamic curriculum, classroom materials, and teaching methods that focus on all 4 academic language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students will learn from our dedicated international staff from around the globe, and build special relationships with their peers in RIEP’s unique international community.

Typically, students study four-hours per day in classroom activities and two hours per evening in self-directed study, Monday through Friday. The Program includes 20 consecutive weeks including Spring semester and Summer intersession which begins in early March. Students are tested using the Cambridge-Michigan test (CAMLA) for placement in the RIEP. Students who perform at a high level on the test may be exempt from the RIEP program and instead study General English.

RIEP required Courses (14 credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
RIEP1011 Reading & Writing 1-1 3
RIEP1021 Reading & Writing 1-2 3
RIEP1111 Listening & Speaking 1-1 2
RIEP1121 Listening & Speaking 1-2 2
RIEP1412 Presentation Skills 3
RIEP1512 Academic Skills 2