Technology Studies

▣ You Learn

Technology Studies department aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities regarding with the latest and the most innovative technologies; with a specific emphasis on Industry 4.0 requirements. Students will follow the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation steps of scientific and technological knowledge.

Technology studies explores technology’s role in social, political, economic, and global issues via courses in humanities, international studies, management, science, and social studies, plus technology-specific classes on Industry 4.0 topics such as IOT, cybersecurity, cloud, big data analytics, augmented reality, and robotics.

▣ You Earn

Graduates earn a Bachelor of Arts in Technology Studies from the Endicott College of International Studies. Students are also encouraged to complete at least one industry professional certification in a related discipline.

Technology Studies department concentrates on four major tracks: Technology Management (data management and analytics, data communications and networking), Advanced Technology (augmented reality, cyber security, IoT), Advanced Automation (robotics, industrial automation, 3D Printing) and Advanced Intelligence (big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing).

▣ You Prepare

Students prepare for careers in a variety of fields, including: software developer, computer systems analyst, information security analyst, IT manager, computer systems administrator, database administrator, computer support specialist, augmented realty product developer, 3D graphics developer, big data analyst, cloud support analyst, cloud architect, and robotics technician. Students will decide their career paths with the guidance of their academic mentors who are specialized in different Industry 4.0 areas.

▣ You Develop

Technology Studies students will develop innovative strategies, tools and knowledge regarding the utilization of different technologies. By being technology managers, students will develop and implement high tech solutions and plans in different organizations. Technology Studies graduates will bring Industry 4.0 philosophy and framework to their prospective jobs.

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