Get university started off right!

Some students entering college know exactly what they want to do with the rest of their lives. On the other hand, some are still growing and changing. Uncertainty is common and you don’t have to wait before you begin your post secondary schooling. The Woosong online program at Endicott College of International Studies is designed to let you explore several different concentrations while still acquiring university credit from the comfort of your own home. Take lectures and gain credits in prerequisite classes required for many degrees. In your fourth semester, highlight a specific field and receive pre-major courses within that discipline as you prepare to transfer to Woosong’s main campus or one of our global partners. Focus in the areas of Business & Social Science, Software & IT, or Engineering & Science.

After completing your fourth semester, transfer into to one of Woosong’s predetermined programs or to one of our global partners to complete the program, face to face. Creating a hybrid format in this way allows for students to get all of the benefits of a traditional degree with the convenience and savings of an online program. Get a jump start on your bachelor’s degree in

Our faculty have designed a curriculum where the first two years is structured around the STEM education, creative and independent thinking, and soft skill development. Prominent scholars can be invited from all over the world to provide excellent online education experiences while providing hybrid education through various offline programs such as corporate projects, discussions, team projects, and mock start-ups. Equipping each Woosong online student with these tools is crucial to your future success. Find your niche and begin your university career with our Woosong Online program.

Program Highlights

  • First 2 years online
  • Final 2 years at a traditional institution
  • Affordable tuition
  • Gain university credit while considering your major